Chairman Welcoming Speech


Congratulation for all PEBASIS students at Culture Studies Faculty – Brawijaya University which has legally established a new student association. PEBASIS (Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris) Hopefuly in this new organization we all can make a huge unity and togetherness which can make our beloved departement gradually increase in every single aspects. I know the strugeling we had done isn’t over yet even it’s just startillng, so guys let’s walk together make a unity and achievment. ” Me and you do not need each other, but me and you are connected one another ” — there is nothing much I am gonna say guys, I just wanna say ” I am proud of you all ” — please keep our togetherness and warmth like t’day, like we are in happiness. Do not ever say “surrender” for each problem yu’ll find, just believe in yourself that you are bigger than the problems. “God is the true” Go PEBASIS go, show UB that you are here !! “You will not find the way before you believe that you have a will” DO’12 – Diki Riswandi (115110500111061)